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Topuzka for breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. Make it not only delicious but also nutritious. Prepare scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, crispy bread and delicious Topuzka Delicatessen. Improvisation on the theme of eggs with bacon, but with a traditional and authentic note. Topuzka is juicy and flavored, made from minced pork shoulder and is the perfect "fuel" for the day.

To prepare this delicacy you need:

4 pcs. eggs

sprig of cherry tomatoes

2-3 mushrooms

400g Topuzka Delicatessen cut in cubes

2 slices of bread

Onion and spices


How to prepare it:

Heat the butter in the pan and pour the pre-mixed eggs, let them cook, not stirring them too much to keep them fluffy. When they are ready, season and leave on a plate. In the same pan, cook the mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and Topuzka, cut into small cubes. When the salami is fried and the mushrooms and tomatoes are cooked, add them to the eggs. All you have to do is toast a few slices of bread in the pan with butter, sprinkle everything with finely chopped green onions and enjoy this breakfast for champions.

The photos and the recipe are work of Bivouac Outdoor Kitchen & Adventure. Follow them for more inspiration!

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