голямо плато с нарязани колбаси, готово за хапване

Artisan Salami

Delicatessen is a Bulgarian brand for high quality salami, produced with selected meat and spices by traditional, often local or family recipes! The range includes over 35 different products – from the classic spek salami and sausages, through the traditional regional delicacies such as Craft Pirin Delicacy, Babek and Topuzka, to the total hit Bansko Craft Salami – made according to unique recipe. Delicatessen salami have been
awarded with many prizes since their inception in 2013 – 9 Gold Medals from Meatmania, as well as the title Favorite salami brand of the Bulgarian consumer in two consecutive years – 2019 and 2020! Take it! Try it! Enjoy!

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