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Burgers with beef from a jar

Prepare a quick, easy and tasty meal with Delicatessen meat in a jar.

To prepare them you need:

Burger buns;
1 jar of Delicatessen beef meat;
barbecue sauce;
tomato and iceberg;
Red onion;
french fries for garnish

How to prepare them:

Cut the buns and bake them lightly on a grill or pan. Put the meat in a bowl and chop it with a fork, add barbecue sauce and mix well. Pour it into a warm pan to warm up. Meanwhile, cut the onion and tomatoes into circles and the pickles into strips and start assembling the burgers. Spread mayonnaise on the buns and put an iceberg lettuce; arrange a few onion rings and add the meat with a spoon, shaping it like a burger. Put the cheddar on it while it is still warm to melt. Add a slice of tomato and pickles. You can put more sauce or mayonnaise on the bread and then cover the burger. Serve with french fries and more sauce 🙂

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