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Gallo Pinto with Mama’s

Prepare a quick, easy and tasty meal with Mama’s high quality products.


3 tablespoons olive oil
3-4 sprigs cilantro, chopped into small pieces
1 small onion, chopped into small pieces
½ small red sweet pepper, chopped into small pieces
½ small chili pepper, chopped
150 grams white rice
300-350 ml chicken broth or water
200 grams red or black beans (cooked or canned)
Salt and pepper to taste
For serving:
1 jar (290g) Mama’s Ajvar, Hot
2 eggs, fried
2 tortilla wraps, cut into pieces

How to prepare it:

In a large saucepan, heat olive oil over medium-high temperature. Add cilantro, red pepper and chili pepper if using. Cook until slightly soften. Add rice and stir to coat with the olive oil. Add water or broth, reduce heat to medium and cook for about 20 minutes or until water/broth is absorbed by the rice and rice is cooked all the way through. Once rice is cooked, remove from heat and add the beans. Gently stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper.
To serve, on a large plate add a couple of tablespoons of the rice, fried eggs, tortilla wraps and Mama’s Ajvar.

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