About Mama’s


MAMA’S strives to present all the treasures of the Balkan cuisine, in terms of food preparation, local ingredients and the rich tradition of the Balkan region, through its collection of products. We have developed creative approach by adding specific character to each MAMA’S jar, regarding the original taste and modern look, for a completely new experience. Our goal is to sustain the exceptional flavor of the traditional Balkan kitchen that we are proud to offer to our distinguished consumers.

MAMA’S traditional homemade recipes, is a collection of high quality, all natural, great tasting PREMIUM products with authentic and widely acceptable tastes made according to traditional recipes from the best housewives in Macedonia.

In order to maintain the exceptional and original flavor, we use only the BEST, carefully selected seasonal ingredients, harvested at the peak of their freshness and a unique production process which enables all of those fresh ingredients to be processed straight from the fields, within 12 hours.

MAMA'S products are crafted in limited quantities without adding any artificial colors,additives, preservatives, thickeners or starch.This allows us to keep the taste rich and vivid.

MAMA’S pepper relishes are made according to a traditional and compound production process that happens only once a year, from August to October, during a season when the fresh ingredients are picked from the fields. That’s why all the pepper relishes come in limited quantities.The unique production process enables all the fresh ingredients to be processed straight from the fields, within 12 hours. All of this without adding any artificial colors, additives, preservatives, thickeners or starch. For this reason every time you open MAMA’S jar, it feels like the ajvar was made yesterday.

MAMA’S creative kitchen brings out PREMIUM quality, hand-picked gherkins from our garden, crafted in limited quantities before they are fully grown. Bursting with natural crunchy taste and brained with the right amount of dill and only the finest herbs and magical seeds from MAMA’S kitchen. We use a strictly controlled breeding process ensuring superior quality gherkins. This method allows high protection of the gherkins from all meteorological disasters and physical damage, and so the risk of a plant disease is reduced to minimum.

Tavche Gravche (beans in a pot) is the most famous traditional Macedonian classic.It has been our national dish over the centuries. The beans have special meaning in the Macedonian tradition, and because of the form of the grain and their abundances it is considered as fortune. Made according to an authentic recipe, the mystique and uniqueness of this product, that gives this memorable taste, lies in the preparation process!

If the beans in our tradition are considered prosperity and fortune, then the delights are a sign of hospitality. Even today in some parts of Macedonia, the housewife welcomes her guests with water and a teaspoon of homemade delight. MAMA’S offers limited batches using the right compound of carefully selected fruits from the sunniest region of Macedonia, bit of sugar and lots of love.